Norben specializes in making teas that are unique and world class. Norben’s exclusive offerings are its bright liquoring CTC teas which are made from 100% clonal varieties. Norben’s consumer packs are of 100 gms., 250 gms., tea bags and 5 & 10 kgs. family packs.

So what makes Norben tea superior?

100% clonal varieties of young tea plantation between 10/12 years of age with natural shade trees and landscaping. The garden is surrounded by natural water resources and is very close to the Himalayan mountain ranges.

The garden produces quality of CTC teas which have distinct bright character in liquor all through the tea growing seasons of Spring, Summer & Winter, during first flush, second flush and winter flush.

Teas have natural bloom and aroma found in the best tea growing district.

Liquors of the garden have excellent taste and body and have long keeping quality.

Qualities of the teas are suitable and beneficial for health.

Export orientated buying profile.

Blenders and packeteers extend strong support due to good liquoring attributes.

Teas manufactured under complete hygienic and bacteria free conditions.



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